WH Correspondent, Simon Ateba, Unleashes on KJP for the Real Reasons She Won’t Call on The Reporter from Africa.

Today’s News Africa White House Correspondent, Simon Ateba, opens up to Grant about the real reasons behind why the White House appears to despise the man. He is one of the few reporters in the briefing room that is willing to ask tough but fair questions. For that reason Karinne Jean Pierre shuns him. But even worse, the media counterparts shuns him too. This is how Politico describes Ateba,
But none of them manage to derail the briefings as often as SIMON ATEBA, the correspondent for the website Today News Africa. His Wikipedia bio crisply notes that he “has gained online notoriety for being a nuisance and harassing the White House press secretary and talking constantly during White House press briefings, not allowing others to speak.” It’s more Fake News from the leftist media. Grant allows Simon to talk and he holds nothing back.

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