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What “disruptive” event does the government not want us to know about. 

The sergeant at arms is doling out satellite phones for US senators. She claims this is in preparation of a potential “disruptive” event. What do they know? What are they not telling us?   And what about that U-Haul driven by a Middle Eastern man with a Nazi flag? Investigator …

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The Ruling Class in D.C. Can’t Cut Spending, but I can & it was Easy!

Grant lays out a blueprint to cut 1 Trillion dollars in federal spending each year.  Foreign Aid, useless outdated programs, woke policy agendas and waste are the targets of the cuts.  Grant found programs so obscure, we are not sure lawmakers even know about them. Joe Biden, Kevin McCarthy and …

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26 Biden Failures Spelled Out. One for Each Letter of the Alphabet.

The Daily Caller put together a list of Joe Biden’s greatest, or worst, failures.  26 of them for each letter of the alphabet.  Grant Stinchfield expounds on Deroy Murdock’s list. From Afghanistan, the Border and Cartels. To Hunter, Immigration and Justice.  The list is long but accurate.The Daily CallerDeroy Murdock …

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Democrats Attack FBI Whistleblowers.  Disgrace on Capitol Hill.  FBI Involved on January 6th.  The Truth is coming out.

Democrats proved they will go to great lengths to protect big government and vindictive agencies that put politics over the rule of law.  The disrespect shown to the FBI whistleblowers is maddening.  The three men who testified before Congress Thursday deserve better.  The FBI destroyed their careers, their financial well being and their …

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Grant has made it his mission to expose liberal lunacy, the ills of socialism and radical left wing agenda. Grant is a four time Emmy Award winning investigator, a business owner and the former host of “Stinchfield” on both Newsmax and NRATV.

“Stinchfield” is now solely controlled by Grant, meaning we will never be censored again. These are the untold stories that American patriots need to hear — uncensored and unapologetic — because the truth matters.

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