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The Feds wanted you to believe he was a murderer so they made it all up.

This is the Story of George Tanios. Trump supporter, 1st generation Lebanese and father of 3, fell victim to a government inspired set up job leaving him imprisoned for 6 months before all felony charges were dropped because of zero evidence against him. What being wrongfully detained caused him: loss …

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Former Soviet Era prisoner and retired Navy Seal issues a stern warning to America… Protect freedom or lose everything. 

Drago Dzieran was born in Poland while under Communist rule and, after spending time in a Communist prison for his activism against the socialist oppression, immigrated to the United States in 1984. He became a US citizen in 1991 and enlisted in the Navy that same year. During his Navy …

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Q and the Qanon movement is once again gaining steam.  

The psy op Q and the Qanon movement is gaining steam. After President Trump re-truthed a Q post, the question becomes, is Q back. After a year and a half absence Q is posting again.  Praying Medic David Hayes breaks down the past the present and the future of Q.  …

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What is fifth generation and why you already may be a victim of it.

What is 5th Generation Warfare? Have we moved beyond the psychological operations that our enemies are wagering against us to 6th generation warfare?  That’s where enemies aim to control our food and critical infrastructure. The war in Ukraine could be all part of China’s move control the worlds food supply …

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Grant has made it his mission to expose liberal lunacy, the ills of socialism and radical left wing agenda. Grant is a four time Emmy Award winning investigator, a business owner and the former host of “Stinchfield” on both Newsmax and NRATV.

“Stinchfield” is now solely controlled by Grant, meaning we will never be censored again. These are the untold stories that American patriots need to hear — uncensored and unapologetic — because the truth matters.

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