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Here Comes the Bird Flu Vaccine… They Just Admitted it’s on the Way!

Officials in the United States, Canada, and Europe are considering the vaccination of workers and others against the highly pathogenic avian influenza. The U.S. government is “looking closely” at the possibility of vaccinating farm workers and others in close contact with the virus, according to Dawn O’Connell, the assistant secretary ...
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Now Even Reporters Laugh at Team Biden’s Climate Change Hoax

The climate change maniacs never stop.  Now it apparently costs a billion dollars to install one electric vehicle charging station and climate change is now responsible for more turbulance.  In fact Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg doesn’t even realize his fellow leftists over at NBC are laughing at him. The ...
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China is Sending Taiwan Warning Signs… An Invasion is Imminent

Taiwan tracked dozens of Chinese warplanes and navy vessels off its coast on Friday, the second day of a large military exercise launched by Beijing to show its anger over the self-governing island’s inauguration of new leaders who refuse to accept its insistence that Taiwan is part of China. China has issued elaborate media ...
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Fauci’s Right Hand Man Testifies about “Deleting Emails, Back Channels and Jokes,”

Dr. Anthony Fauci‘s former top aide was dumbstruck during an intense grilling by Republicans over his efforts to cover up his emails discussing COVID origins. Dr. David Morens was confronted about his ‘intentional’ efforts to subvert federal transparency laws when discussing COVID origins and links to a Wuhan, China, virology lab during ...
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Grant has made it his mission to expose liberal lunacy, the ills of socialism and radical left wing agenda. Grant is a four time Emmy Award winning investigator, a business owner and the host of “Stinchfield” on Real America’s Voice as well as The Morning Answer on AM870 Los Angeles.

“Stinchfield” is now solely controlled by Grant, meaning we will never be censored again. These are the untold stories that American patriots need to hear — uncensored and unapologetic — because the truth matters.

It’s the one podcast no conservative can afford to miss. It’s Stinchfield.

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