We reveal America’s Mass Shooting Scam stats aimed at stealing your guns

Democrats and the media are painting a false narrative when it comes to just how prolific mass shootings really are. Of the 335 mass shootings that occurred during the first half of 2023, only for fit the “active shooter“ scenario.

The left wants you to believe every mass shooting is carried out by Nazi bigoted terrorists but the truth is they are really carried out by gang members and repeat offenders who have no regard for human life.

We go through the numbers to show you the real story of mass shootings in America.

Plus, Marc Morano of Climate Depot joins us to expose the climate change scam. The left continues to partake in. He can prove the world is not getting hotter, it’s getting colder and lives are being saved because of it!

Also, on the podcast, Joe Biden‘s approval ratings are the lowest of any American president. Is he the worst president in American history? Grant has some thoughts on that and who’s really pulling the strings.


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