The Worst Part of the State of the Union… The Capitol Police Arresting a Gold Star Father

Welcome to Joe Biden’s America. The Capitol Police arrested Gold Star father Steve Nikoui, who lost his son Kareem during Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal, for screaming “13 Marines” during the State of the Union speech. Interrupting the speech may not ideal, but the man lost a son due to negligence. I can not blame him for his anger. Removing him from the chamber is one thing, arresting him is another.

His arrest is proof of Joe Biden’s disrespect for the military and Gold Star families. It is also proof of the ineptitude of the Biden Administration.

We have video of ATF leaders proving they know nothing about guns. They try to demonstrate how easy it is to put a “ghost gun” together, but it turns out to be an epic fail. It is must watch TV!

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