The War on Cash, The Government Wants your Money to control you.

There is a push to do away with cash across the globe.  Right now the United States government is pushing a new “digital currency” on the people.  Other high ranking Democrats want to do away with 100 dollar bills.  This is “The War on Cash.”

Don’t be fooled.  A cashless society is about total government control.  Without cash in an economy, the government can manipulate it.  It can hijack your money.  Digital currencies can be weaponized against the people.  It will make it easier for the government to take your wealth, holding it hostage to control your behavior. 

Of course conservatives will be the main target.  China is already doing this.  A social credit score will be kept and anyone who gets out of line will be punished.  We must not allow America to follow this War on Cash globalist agenda.

Also on the show, we talk with Actor Antonio Sabato Jr.  Hollywood and the elites that control it, set out to destroy him once he came out as a conservative Trump supporter.  They not only tried to ruin his career, but ruin him financially as well.  He is fighting back and winning.  He explains how to beat the left at its own game.

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