The Truth About Southwest’s Meltdown – Go Woke, Go Broke

Early on I made the prediction that Southwest Airlines could be the victim of a cyber attack.  At first Southwest claimed it was just the weather for the massive number of flight cancellations, but now it claims their old and outdated systems melted down.  I am skeptical that a massive meltdown of this scale can happen with out outside interference.  But the question remains, how did Southwest get to the point of becoming so vulnerable?  One look at its website gives us some clues.

It’s filled with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs.  Environmental pledges and promises to give back to global communities.  Southwest’s corporate site reads like a communist manifesto.  The founder, Herb Kelleher would be mortified.  CLearly Southwest focused more on Woke-ism than it did hiring qualified programmers and IT professionals.  It focused less on operations and more on leftist pandering.

This episode we go though Southwest’s woke corporate plan to show why it failed them and why it may have allowed cyber hackers to hack an admittedly outdated system.

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