The Ship With Multiple Backups Never Should Have Lost Steering

It turns out the cargo ship that crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, causing it’s collapse, not only had multiple back up power systems, but it had multiple steering systems as well. Both Federal and International maritime standards call for these auxiliary systems. They also need to be completely separated from each other so power and steering is never lost.

When you break down the factors surrounding this crash, it becomes more and more suspicious. Investigators originally lied about wind speed on the water that day. It turns out there was very little wind that would have had zero effect on turning the ship towards the main pillar of the bridge.

The New Federal State of China, the organization aimed at taking down the Chinese Communist Party, insists the CCP used something called “Remote Towing Technology” to hijack the ship. Whistleblowers inside the CCP believe the crash was a deliberate terrorist attack carried out by Chinese hackers.

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