The Secret GOP Plan That Get’s us Winning Elections Again

Republican Congressman Mike Garcia wins in a district where democrats rigged the system against him.  How does he do it?  It’s a model for all GOP candidates that face the junk mass-mail in ballot scheme.  He ballot harvests, he cures votes, and he recruits religious leaders to campaign for him.

His Southern California district is only 29% registered republicans.  Joe Biden one by 12% against Trump in 2020.  Yet Mike Garcia manages to pull out a victory where other republicans cant.

What he does NOT DO is move to the center.  He is a principled conservative who runs on who he is, not what some GOP consultant thinks he should be.  It is the model we need to re-create across the country.


Twitter will be profitable far sooner than the main stream media wants you to believe.  I will explain why the incessant talk of Twitter’s demise is all fake news.  My prediction, Elon Musk will sell Twitter for 3 times what he paid for it.  I explain why in this episode of Stinchfield. 



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