The Patriot Artist – Scott Lobaido – “Love America or F*** You!”

Scott LoBaido is relentless.  He does not give up in his quest to show support for America while calling out the crimes of liberals.  He has painted a flag on a rooftop in all 50 states, twice!  He has been arrested, to many times to count.  Each time his persona grows.

Scott LoBaido’s art is now selling for 10s of thousands of dollars.  Yet he doesn’t fit the mold of what you usually think of as an artist in New York City.  The foul mouthed, no bull artist is so bold he is both hated and revered.  Loved and despised.  

His new documentary The Relentless Patriot is a must watch.  This interview is proof.  Brace yourself for the truth and the inspiration you need to go out and be bold too.

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