The Electric Vehicle Green Scheme Exposed

Our nations Utility batteries and car batteries can only store two hours worth of our nations electricity needs.  We have an estimated 1 million electric cars in use in the United States.  But what goes into building an electric vehicle.  How much fossil fuel is needed, and how much environmental damage is done, extracting the rare earth minerals needed to power an electric vehicle?   The answer will surprise you.  And prove the Electric car is not the savior for our energy woes.

Plus “Christian Nationalism”… what is it?  Or better put, what is it NOT?  The left is weaponizing the term to intimidate Christians.  We must stand firm.  We also expose the devious left wing plot to silence pastors across the country from pushing Christian values that align with American values.  One news outlet is calling on neighbors to snitch on churches and pastors that talk politics.  We explain why pastors should not bow down to the intimidation, and how it is perfectly legal for a pastor to talk politics to his flock.

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