The Biden Informant is now a Phony Democrat Tool After Being Charged with Lying to the FBI

The first question isn’t why special counsel David C. Weiss charged longtime informant Alexander Smirnov with making false claims about President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. The question is, why now?

The answer is easy, the FBI and it’s Dept. of Justice bosses are happy to sell out Joe when it comes to his mental decline, but criminal charges are unacceptable. It puts a negative “stink” on the entire Democrat party. So when the FBI, claims the Biden informant lied, why should we believe it? The FBI has a history of lying when it comes to protecting Democrats and going after Republicans.

In the end, none of it matters. The impeachment case against Joe Biden is still strong, we go through he evidence that has nothing to do with the long time FBI informant charged this week.

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