Pfizer refuses to answer critical questions about the vaccine. What are they hiding?

Pfizer executives and medical professionals refused to answer the straightforward question of… why is the vaccine causing myocarditis? They’re refusal to answer that simple question speaks volumes about the company’s lack of transparency!

Even worse, it could mean they don’t know the answer. Which is why I believe this vaccine was rushed to market and should be removed.

Grant also tackles the issue of God and extraterrestrial life. It is a controversial topic that has a simple answer. God created everything!

By now you have heard of the radical prosecutor, Jack Smith. He is the man going after President Trump. Smith has a history of botching cases and operating with a win at all cost mentality.

The former governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell is grants guest. Jack Smith prosecuted him in the supreme court through the case out unanimously. The supreme court called Jack Smith, interpretation of the federal bribery statute, “boundless.“ proving Jack Smith has no regard for Justice only winning.

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