John Gotti’s Hit Man Tells All, plus he says, “File a RICO Case against our Politicians”

Mob Boss John Gotti’s hit man is speaking out about the real mafia, America’s politicians.  John Alite would know what a criminal is.  He admitted to six killings, but some mob insiders say he may be responsible for up to 100.  That before he turned his life around after serving a total of 18 years in prison.  He is now a MAGA conservative.  Recently John lost his daughter Chelsea, poisoned to death by a fentanyl laced Percocet.  These are some of the questions we ask the notorious mobster.

  • Did he take part in the hit on Mob boss Paul Castellano?
  • Why did he plan to murder John Gotti Jr, the best man in his wedding?
  • Who was the first man he killed?
  • Do you sleep at night?
  • Of the 30 Million dollars he was worth, how much does he have left?
  • What was it like when the FBI revealed, your crew was ratting you out?
  • You claim to have been friends with cartel members and were a major drug dealer, what is it like to know an illegal drug smuggled through Mexico killed your daughter?
  • How and when did you become a Trump loving conservative?



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