January 6th The Untold Story – The Evidence the Left Refuses to Acknowledge

The Federal Government is tyrannical in its all out political persecution of anyone associated with the January 6th security breach of the Capitol.  The  real crime they protestors committed is simply supporting President Trump.  As for the few that should be punished, currently their punishments do not fit the crime.

Take the Case of Jeff Brown.  A man in his mid-fifties who admittedly got carried away.  A jury just convicted him on felony assault, impeding law enforcement with a deadly weapon and impeding enforcement during a civil disobedience.  He has yet to be sentenced but Brown now faces up to 20 years in prison.  

He has no criminal record, no violent past yet he was held without bail for the past 16 months.  He did have pepper spray yet when you look at his crime compared to so many others across the country, it becomes clear we face a two tiered justice system.  One for conservatives and one for everyone else.

You will see and hear video that proves even most of the wildest protestors did not appear to mean harm to any of the officers.  In fact they can be heard caring for some of them, trying to make sure the officers were ok.

None of this video is used in any of the Dept. of Justice cases or the January 6th Soviet style J6 Committee hearings.  This episode is a must listen for anyone who wants the real story of what happened that day.

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