Is the COVID Jab Causing Blood Clots? The Evidence says Yes! We Have the Proof…

When the world finds out that vascular surgeons and endovascular specialists have been removing new and grotesquely large “white fibrous clots” from tens of thousands of LIVING PERSONS over the past 3 years since the COVID-19 vaccines came out, people will be shocked. It could be “the final straw” that forces the stoppage of the COVID-19 vaccination program around the world, and force a hard re-look at the mRNA/lipid nanoparticle technology in general. 

Embalmers are finding these clots in record numbers since 2020 and the emergence of the Covid-19 and the MRNA Jab that followed. Now Cath Lab workers are finding the same clots in the living. One whistleblower is coming forward to explain his findings. Our guest is Maj. Tom Haviland, a data analyst and Air Force Veteran who has the numbers to back up these claims.

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