How to get the spike protein and other toxins out of your system so you can thrive and survive.

How to Detox from Spike Protein, Sci Fi Food, & Other Modern Poisons
The FDA and CDC is corrupt. It is clear those agencies put profit and power of over people. The damage has been done, but its not too late to take your body back. This is podcast presents a road map to health for the both the vaxed and unvaxed.

Everyone is due for a detox, especially now in the wake of the Covid-related spike protein. People are really sick, and these toxins and many others we come in contact with daily are hijacking our brains and emotions. We need to address it without hesitation.

In our massive immuno-compromised society that we now live in, a huge culprit of illness is the poisonous, science-fiction-like food that our government continually approves or neglects testing.

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