Flying Saucers, deep sea spacecraft and the Russian Program to find Extraterrestrial life on Earth

Is there evidence of extraterrestrial beings visiting us here on earth?  Soviet and Russian UFO researcher Paul Stonehill says yes.  And he lays out the case why the idea of aliens from outer space needs further investigation.  The evidence he reveals is eye popping.  From pieces of metal that are not made up of anything found on earth, to evidence of deep sea civilizations discovered by the Russian Navy, to the Chernobyl disaster and its ties to the paranormal.  The evidence is chilling and most of it comes from both the US and Russian militaries. 

With all the talk of what is going on in our skies, this podcast is aimed at looking into all possibilities no matter how far-fetched. 

youtube page  “Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill”

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