China is Sending Taiwan Warning Signs… An Invasion is Imminent

Taiwan tracked dozens of Chinese warplanes and navy vessels off its coast on Friday, the second day of a large military exercise launched by Beijing to show its anger over the self-governing island’s inauguration of new leaders who refuse to accept its insistence that Taiwan is part of China.

China has issued elaborate media statements showing Taiwan being surrounded by forces from its military, the People’s Liberation Army. A new video on Friday showed animated Chinese forces approaching from all sides and Taiwan being enclosed within a circular target area while simulated missiles hit key population and military targets.

The question is… Is this the start of an invasion? The New Federal State of China’s Aila Wang is our guest.

Plus we will get an update on what may be one of the most important trials of our time. Billionaire Chinese dissident Miles Guo has been held with out bail on charges described by people with intimate details of the case as nothing short of bogus. The trial comes as the Chinese Communist Party wants Guo extradited back to mainland China as the CCP’s enemy number one.

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