Cardiac Arrest – The Jab or Not? – Stats, Facts and Media Lies

A recent Rasmussen poll revealed 50% of Americans believe the vax is the cause of unexplained deaths. Even more shocking, 25% of Americans think they know someone who died as a result of taking the vaccine.  Americans aren’t dumb and yet the media and the government refuses to do any meaningful investigation into Jab side effects.

Consider this… The Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (VARES) lists the number of deaths reported after a vaccine. 
1921-2020 3652 deaths

2020-2022 14,802 deaths

The correlation between those numbers and the Covid vaccine program or stunning.  Just as athletes dying of cardiac arrest are 1100 in 2 years when the average is 28 per year.

Every argument the media offers up is this… there is no proof the vaccine causes these issues. The media omits… there is no proof it doesn’t. 

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