Brazil is Falling, So is the U.S. The World Ignores It to Cover for the American Left

Brazil is Falling, So is the U.S. Election fraud, a weaponized justice system, the threats of imprisoning a former President.  It sounds like America, but this time its happening in Brazil.  As the “Trump of the Tropics” Jair Bolsanaro agrees to hand power over to a corrupt globalsit who wants nothing more than a dictatorship, the world ignores it.

What is happening in Brazil, looks a lot like what is happening in America.  The people there are rising up.  Protests and truck convoys can be seen in cities across Brazil.  So why does the main stream media ignore it?  Because they are covering for the American Left.  The globalists here that want to give up soverignty as the democrat party buys votes with handouts.

Journalist, Economist and strong voice for the people of Brazil, Rodrigo Constantino joins us to explain what is happening, why it’s happening and why America needs to wake up before it’s to late.  America may soon become Brazil which may soon become Venezuela.

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