Baby It’s Cold Outside… Triggers the Left and I say GOOD!

Ray Charles iconic “Baby it’s Cold Outside” is a classic. Alpha men across the globe know exactly what tone Ray Charles is taking and it is NOT a “rape culture” attitude the left wants you to believe it is. Men have been trying to persuade women to “stay a little longer” since the caveman days.

Now John Legend wants to go “Me Too” Beta Male on us. In 2019 he released his woke and pathetic version of the classic. On this Christmas we break down the differences between the two songs and let you decide what your favorite version is. Grant made his choice and it’s very clear.

Also, Jill Biden released what is being dubbed a a very creepy and weird Christmas video. The question is, did tax payers pay for this bizarre video that looks more like a Willy Wonka production than a Christmas performance.

And a gift from the gift that keeps on giving, Kamala Harris.
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