40 Million Non-voting Christians Could Save us From a Satanic Attack on America

40 million Christians don’t vote in elections.  That block of potential voters could save America.  Even if just half of them voted, it is clear they would side with the Republican Party.

Republicans support issues important to Christians:

-Religious Liberty

-Family Values


-Limited Government

and many more.  The lefts attack on America is satanic in nature.  It must be stopped and Christians can do it.

Plus our Electricity Grid is vulnerable to attack.  We talk to the producer and director of Grid Down Power Up.  He explains how lawmakers across the country are ignoring this dangerous national security risk.  China supplies many of the parts and chips that make up our grid.  We are vulnerable to an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack as well as a conventional attack.  If just four transformers are taken down, our entire grid could fall.  When the lights go out.  Chaos ensues.

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