Former Pentagon Spokesman Calls for Current Pentagon Spokesman to Step Down

31 October 2014

Former Navy Commander and Pentagon Spokesman under G.W. Bush is calling for Rear Admiral John Kirby to step down, for “Taking a sledge hammer to the military every day.” Here the complete interview below.

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What the Heck is Prop 1?

28 October 2014

First and foremost you need to vote in favor of Prop One. Want to know why? Listen to my interview with State Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R) Euless.

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“Wendy Davis is Unfit to be Governor”

14 October 2014

Dallas talk show host Grant Stinchfield joined Ed Berliner on “MidPoint” on Newsmax TV Tuesday to discuss the wheelchair ad by Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis and how Dallas residents are handling the Ebola outbreak.

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The Heroes of Benghazi Speak Out and Tell their Inside Story

08 October 2014

The men who saved lives on Sept. 11th 2012 in Benghazi join me in studio. They spell out the details that cost 4 American lives. Sadly they believe, the loss of life could have been prevented. Hear their harrowing account including the details behind that infamous “stand down” order. Plus new information.  They believe the […]

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Lightening Alliance Helping Young Adults Just Out of Foster Care

07 October 2014

Imagine your just out of foster care, 18 years old and no place to turn for help. Lightening Alliance is there. They help lighten the load carried by kids just out of foster care. Its integrated program has been specifically designed to develop holistic physical, mental and emotional health, with particular emphasis on addressing the […]

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Recovery Starts Here, Thanks to Nexus!

18 September 2014

A Dallas nonprofit at the forefront of specialized substance abuse services for females, Nexus offers programs for adult women and adolescent girls ages 13 to 17, including those pregnant or accompanied by children. Nexus is one of only a few programs nationally that invites women to bring their children into treatment. I had the great […]

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“Legitimate Rape” No Apologies from Todd Aiken

04 August 2014

Former Missouri Congressman and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate discussed what was behind his controversial comments about rape and a woman’s body rejecting the sperm of a rapist after a, “legitimate rape.” In his new book, Fighting Back, and on this show, Aiken lays much of the blame for his loss on Republican Party bosses. […]

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Fighting Crime for Free – DPD Reserve Officers

02 August 2014

The Dallas Police Reserve Battalion is quietly fighting crime everyday and in return the officers get nothing more than the satisfaction of keeping their community safe.  Dallas Police Reserve officers are fully commissioned law enforcement  officers.  They carry guns, where a Dallas Police uniform, they wear a badge and drive fully outfitted patrol cars.  They […]

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Heroes on the Water

23 July 2014

Ashlee Kleinert Profiles HOW on The Stinchfield Report (Hear the Audio Above) Heroes on the Water helps our Nation’s warriors and veterans from all branches of the United States military unwind using the therapeutic qualities of fishing from kayaks. What looks like a day trip of paddling and fishing is in fact something much deeper […]

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Dinesh D’Souza Blasts America’s Liberal University System

22 July 2014

Plus he talks about the political conspiracy the left is waging to silence him.  From Google to Costco.  Here the complete interview here:  

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