Why I Believe Kyrie Irving Should not be Cancelled | The Untold Story of the War in Ukraine | Men are Different than Women

Kyrie Irving should not be cancelled.  The cancel culture warriors are the ones who need sensitivity training… How not to be so sensitive!  I will will always defend free speech.  And I do not believe Kyrie is an anti-Semite.  I have great love for the Jewish people, their faith and Israel. But I also have a great love for freedom of speech.  Kyrie is a danger to the establishment because he is smart and opinionated even if often misguided and/or reckless.  


The War in Ukraine may not be exactly what it seems.  Zelensky is aligned with oligarchs when he vowed he would not engage in that behavior.  A recent report shows he has money stashed in numerous off shore businesses.  Plus, where is the battlefield video?  The truth about what is happening in Ukraine needs to be exposed and the fake news main stream media is absent.


Women vs. Men.  The differences are real but ignored by the left.  Teal Swan has a message every American needs to hear, but it will trigger half the country.  Mr. Rogers has a similar message.  Strong men make a better society.  The left wants men eradicated from society.

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