Why Dr. Fauci needs to go to jail for the barbaric practice of mask mandates

A new study proves that masks don’t work.  We reveal the finding that the mask maniacs don’t want you to see.  We also use Dr. Fauci’s own words to prove he knew masks don’t work as he progressed down the path of fear in an effort to control us.

Social Security will soon be bankrupt if we don’t fix the system.  No politician in Washington will give you the numbers we have that prove if you’re under 56 years old, social security will be severely cut by the time you reach 67.  Politicians won’t confront the issue because it’s political suicide, so they would rather win elections then protect your hard earned money.  We have a solution to the problem.  Will D.C. listen.

And the anti-gunners go wild in Los Angeles.  Wait til you hear the latest move to target law abiding gun owners.  The sign they want to post outside gun stores is laughable.

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