What is Woke?  Woke is Socialism in disguise.  It is a system designed to divide and conquer putting big government in control.

My definition of woke is this. “A phony self declared awareness of wrongly perceived societal injustices that makes liberals think they are better than everyone else.” Dr. James Lindsay has a different definition. It is fascinating and eye opening. He explains how “Woke” is socialism in disguise.

We break down part of his speech to The European Parliament.

This speech has been widely recognized as making the nature of the Neo-Marxist Cultural Revolution engulfing the West extremely clear, with a sharp warning to Europe not to follow in the footsteps of the Anglophone countries. In the two months since, this speech has gone viral and received incredible praise and feedback for its clarity and ability to articulate the true nature of the so-called “culture war” or “Woke” phenomenon threatening the West.

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