We know the invasion is Real… but from outer space?! Maybe!!!!

A recent congressional hearing had witnesses telling members of Congress that the government is involved in a secret plot to conceal a program where the military is retrieving and reverse engineering unidentified flying objects. Otherwise known as UAPs, unidentified Aerial phenomenon.

One witness even described a program where the military was in possession of alien Biologics, remains.

These claims are hard to believe, but certainly get you thinking. You be the judge are these whistleblowers telling the truth or not?

And Grant uncovers new information that illegal aliens coming to the United States, not from outer space, but from other countries, are coming through our nation’s airports!

One former border patrol agent said the number could be as high as 50,000 illegals coming through airports across America. J.J. Carrol is our guest. He wrote the book new book just out called, “Invaded”

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