We expose one county that secretly used cell phone data to track church goers.  Big brother is out of control.

Santa Clara county in California wants 2.8 million dollars from Calvary Chapel because it refused to obey unconstitutional orders to shut its doors during the pandemic. The attorney from Advocates for Faith and Freedom, who represents the church is our guest.  Mariah Gondiero reveals the shocking discovery that the church used cell phone GPS data to track who was coming and going from the church.  This is a move that spits in the face of freedom and privacy from government intrusion.

Grant also exposes the social justice warriors war on religion and why it creates “special classes of people.”   By putting people into separate classes the left divides us to create chaos. This is why the woke warriors pushed to have “The Black National Anthem” sung before the superbowl.  There is only one national anthem, it’s the Star Spangled Banner.

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