U.S. Gave $30 Million to Top Chinese Scientist

From Newsweek: The U.S. government gave at least $30 million in federal grants for research led by a scientist who is now at the forefront of China’s race to develop the most advanced artificial intelligence—which he compared to the atomic bomb due to its military importance, a Newsweek investigation has revealed.

Plus… The World Economic Forum is in Full Swing and the CCP in Davos propagating socialism

CCP Premier Li Qiang offered 5 solutions to the Davos audiences:

  1. Internationalization of economic control or totalitarianism
  2. Invest in CCP and stabilize global supply chain’s dependence on CCP
  3. Give AI and leading technology to CCP
  4. Work with CCP on green energy development
  5. Internationalization of Open-Border between US/west and third-world countries

Reported by western journalists working for CCP’s Chief Propaganda TV (China Global Television Network)

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