There is one reason why Biden’s Ineptitude & Weakness will NOT lead to WWIII

Iran is China’s pawn.  Neither China nor Russia would actually care if Israel or the United State’s retaliates against Iran.  But they know, with Joe Biden as President, he will never attack them.  That allows leaders in China and Russia to continue spewing tough talk and war mongering propaganda without the threat of war with the U.S. ever becoming a reality.

Joe Biden is weak and his ineptitude has caused chaos in the Middle East.  China is using Iran to stoke the flames of danger only to create more weakness and uncertainty.  In fact, Iran most likely got the go ahead to launch drones and missiles at Israel from China. 

It is my belief China knew full well Iran’s drones and missiles would be shot down.  It knew it’s “Attack” had a high likelihood of failure.   It allows The U.S. to claim superiority, and since the attack caused very little damage, Joe Biden would tell Israel to stand down.  Sources are telling the media, that is exactly what has happened. 

Though China is in waging an electronic and cyber war against the United States, it has no desire for a full blown kinetic war.  China’s economy is far too fragile for that.  So is the United State’s economy.  Russia’s too.  It is tied up in Ukraine and can’t afford a wider conflict.  The reality is, the world can’t afford a World War right now, and every world leader knows it.

So all the calls that we are on the verge of WWIII are sensationalistic click bait.  The U.S. should hit back against Iran very hard.  China and Russia will do nothing if we do.  The sad part is, Joe Biden and is incompetent team of foreign policy rubes have no idea the best way to put Iran in it’s place is to hit them back hard.

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