The Wildfire Response was even worse than we thought.

The liberal leadership on Maui is so inept and incompetent that it cost lives. Not only because the Maui wildfire could have been prevented, but a legitimate response to the fire could’ve saved thousands of lives.

Every day we are learning more about the gross negligence, and possibly even purposeful actions that led to this devastating tragedy.

We will not give up on exposing the incompetence of Democrat leadership on that beautiful island.

Also, non-governmental agencies are working to insert themselves into your kids schools. They are posing as nonprofits aimed at helping migrant children. The reality is, this is a ruse. They want access to your kids.  We explain what’s going on in one Texas school district that could happen in your school district.

And rape trophies along the southern border. More proof, the sex trafficking of children is real, and the Biden administration continues to enable it. It is time to wage war on the cartels.
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