The U.K. has Many Fang Fangs.

Who are the Chinese Nationals demanding they not be videoed by piano playing street performer? The New Federal State of China has some answers. The CCP has tentacles deep in every country. The U.K. and the United States included. Can anyone say Fang Fang?
A boogie-woogie piano player last night slammed police for siding with the ‘ludicrous’ demands made by flag-waving Chinese nationals not to film them while he recorded a livestream from London’s St Pancras station.

Brendan Kavanagh, who goes by the name Dr K, called the bizarre incident ‘a comedy of errors’ that ‘raises a lot of serious issues about stupid rules, authoritarianism and also our own British culture’.

Video shared on his YouTube channel shows the musician playing piano in the busy station while the group of Chinese tourists stand in the background.

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