The Tulsi Trojan Horse and The National Security Crisis That has Russia in Charge

Tulsi Gabbard take down of the Democrat Party sounds well and good. But what is she really up too. Is she going to run for President as an Independent or does she want to be President Trumps VP Pick? These are the questions we dive into.

Plus, The Democrats create 51 “Fake News” sites in swing states. The propaganda machine is exposed. And go figure, Obama era operatives are behind it.

We also break down the Pfizer stunning admission. It did NOT test it’s China Virus Vaccine on transmissibility before rolling it to market. The “speed of science” to fast, but not as fast as the lies.

And her newsmaker interview is with Uranium Energy Corporation, CEO Amir Adnani. He explainis the national security crisis America faces when it comes to the global supply of uranium. The same uranium that powers are nuclear plants, aircraft carriers and submarines. The U.S. went from 1st to last in it’s production of Uranium. We expose why and what it means for you.

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