The Truth About Soaring Stocks… It’s the Coming of MAGAnomics

The stock market is soaring and President Trump is predicting the gains we are seeing will continue. There is a reason why. Wall Street isn’t the Wall Street of old. It’s ability to forecast the future is real because in many respects the system is rigged. Hedge fund managers now drive the direction of the stock market. President Trump’s clear lead in nearly every major poll, means business and industry will get some relief once MAGAnomics replaces the devastating Bidenomics. The hedge funds realize this and are prepared to profit off it.

President Trumps rally in New Jersey over the weekend is proof people are hungry for change. Even in a blue state like New Jersey 100-thousand people showed up to voice their support for Trump.

We have highlights of the speech from one of the most important rallies of President Trump’s political career.

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