The Truth about January 6th From Inside Prison – Jake Lang –

Jake Lang is a political prisoner.  He one of the January 6th Patriots who believes Trump won and Biden stole the election.  Our government is persecuting him for his love of Trump and this country.  Though he is accused of attacking the Capitol Police, he insists he was defending those around him from being harmed.

Two witnesses have issued sworn statements insisting Jake Lang saved at least two lives that day.  One of the men Jake saved calls him a hero.  Yet the federal government wants Jake Lang in prison for decades if they get their way.

Jake has now been in jail for 735 days, a year of that was spent in the infamous DC Gulag, 6 months of it it in solitary confinement.  Today he is speaking out from jail.  Telliing his story.  From the day he watched a woman die on the Capitol steps at the hands of the capitol police, to his court case and time in jail.

He has a new documentary out as well as a book.  You can find them at

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