The Title 42 Myth Exposed – The Invasion Can’t get Any Worse

The 1944 Health Policy used by President Trump to battle illegal immigration is a Band-Aid at best and a red hearing at worst.  The policy known as Title 42 is not, and his not been used to deport or expel migrants coming to America since President Trump left office.  The argument over keeping it or lifting it will make no difference.

We are already being over run with illegals.  Two million, that we know of, over the past two years.  Non-governmental Organizations, often paid for by Billionaire Leftist George Soros, coordinate the transportation of these migrants to the U.S. border.  Because Title 42 is not being enforced now.  Lifting it will have no effect on the mass invasion that is already going on our southern border.

The Former Acting Commissioner of the Border Patrol joins us to explain what is really happening on the border and why the media refuses to report the facts.  Mark Morgan also exposes the biggest challenge border patrol faces that even existed when President Trump was in office.

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