The Supreme Court confirmed affirmative action is nothing more than racism in disguise. Here’s why I don’t care!

Affirmative Action is wrong.  It is racist and goes against our value systems.  But here is why I don’t care.  Free markets always win out.  This suit never needed to be brought because, if you don’t like the policies of an institution, why support that institution.  Free markets always win.  If a college wants to be racist, let it.  Ultimately, it will fail or change its ways to compete.  No conservative is taking this hands off view.  And I explain how I was a victim of Affirmative Action and don’t care about that either.

Former republican, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill is our guest.  Grant asks the toughest question of all, what if this means there aren’t enough minority students to meet the criteria of a selective institution. Is diversity dead?

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