The plan to abolish the IRS is real and you will never pay income taxes again

The left has weaponized the government against conservatives.  They hired 87-thousand IRS agents to go after you!  We can do away with them with the passage of one simple plan.  The Fair Tax.  A nationwide sales tax that not only does away with income taxes of all kinds, but it will put lobbyists out of business too.  The Fair Tax will have crooks and criminals, illegal aliens and tax evaders finally paying their “Fair” share.

It is a brilliant plan that will allow you to keep more of what you earn.  If you want a tax plan to get behind, this podcast lays out the evidence as to why it needs to be instituted. 

Also, Grant makes the argument to abolish the minimum wage.  He explains why the minimum wage is the most discriminatory regulation ever passed by a government entity.  Did you know that with each dollar increase in the minimum wage the average low income worker will lose $1590 per year.  This is the ugly part of the minimum wage that the left doesn’t want you to know about.

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