The Left’s Pro-Child Predator Agenda – Google and The FBI Tracking You

The Left’s Pro-Child Predator Agenda is being exposed on the heels of the Balenciaga child sex exploitation scandal.  A close look at the photos reveal a disturbing picture.  Demonic and satanic items strewn through out a child’s bedroom.  What do they mean?  We have some answers.  Plus, California letting child molesters go before they serve any meaningful prison time.  Some violent child rapists are set free after just days in custody.  Why is the left now going easy on pedophiles?  The answer is clear, we lay it out in todays eye opening podcast.

The FBI and google are teaming together to track your every move.  The FBI is evening using the Judicial system to through a mobile phone drag net over conservatives that could ensnare the innocent.  Privacy is gone in today’s world of technology.  We arm you with the information you need to protect yourself from this latest geo-fence government overreach. 


Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez is speaking out for freedom.  What happened to him, sounds an awful lot like what is happening to President Trump. The government run by dictators falsely imprisoned Lopez for being a strong voice of freedom.  He now has a message for the world, that rings home here in America.

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