The GOP Elite Joins the Deep State to Wage War on President Trump

The GOP Elite is joining the deep state and the fake news media to wage a war against President Trump.  They are exploiting Governor Ron DeSantis to create a rift inside the party.  From the beginning they never wanted Trump in office. And once again they are hell bent on stopping him by pushing false narratives and phony news stories that Republican losses are Trumps fault.

I explain why Trump is not to blame.  We lay out the road map that shows Tuesday may actually turn out to be a huge success.  

In this episode I give advice to both DeSantis and Trump.  I will explain why embracing America First policies always leads to victory.

And Pennsylvania voters called out for their ignorance.  They have shown they are incapable of reason for more than 10 years.  I have the proof.

I also ask the question, are you tired of the lies, the oppression  and the surveillance?  Who will end it all?  The answer to that question on this episode of Stinchfield.

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