The FBI Confidential Informant Scheme And the One Congressman The Media is Afraid to Interview

The FBI spends 42 million dollars a year on confidential Informants.  Three trials have exposed the FBI and it’s pay to play scheme designed to pay informants to not just make up evidence, but erase evidence.  From the Russian Collusion hoax, to January 6th and the Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping aka fed-napping case.  Wait til you hear the dirty details of how low the FBI is willing to go to entrap and set up conservatives.

Military weakness is real.  Joe Biden is working for the globalists to destroy our own military from within.  It’s about tearing down American military might and handing it off to NATO and the United Nations.  This real reason our military is so weak, is all by design.

Plus, you will meet the one Congressman you probably never heard of.  He needs to be a household name.  The main stream media is afraid of the straight talk coming from Rep. Troy Nehls (R) of Texas.  We go in-depth with one of the few Republicans willing to take on the establishment and the Washington elite.  Nehls calls out his own party in a no holds barred interview that every conservative needs to see.

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