The FBI Busted – Doctoring January 6th Evidence – What Role did the FBI Play?

(12:00) The federal government’s cover up of what really happened on January 6th continues.  We have new evidence that the FBI may have doctored evidence.  This time the focus turns to the pipe bomb investigation and surveillance video released by investigators that just doesn’t add up.  Revolver News Darren Beattie broke this story and joins us with new details.

Reactionary Republicans.  When it comes to election integrity Republicans are playing the same game of reacting to Democrat election shenanigans instead of preventing the shenanigans in the first place.  
The first order of business needs to be a national voter ID law.  I’ll explain why this would be constitutional even though the constitution clearly spells out the states, and only the states, can determine how their elections are run.
We also spell out the new campaign strategy for Republicans in states where the Junk Mail in Ballot scheme is here to stay.

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