The Elites Secret Plan to Sabotage America – Kevin Freeman Exposes it All

The ruling class of career bureaucrats, commonly known as “The Elites,” are out to destroy America and we have the proof.  Our enemies have infiltrated Congress and the highest ranks of business and industry.  The woke mob is their army and their plot to undermine America is well underway.  Just look at the defund the police movement, open borders, inflation, gas prices, riots and the list goes on.

The question becomes, what can we do to stop them.  Economic War Room host and Author of the book “According to Plan, the Elites Secret Plan to Sabotage America” Kevin Freeman has some answers.  As he exposes the deep state and the people it serves.


Joe Biden Hypocrisy is also on display as his administration came to the rescue of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.  It argued succesfully to grant the man who ordered the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.   During his campaign for the Presidency Biden vowed to hold the Crown Prince accountable.  Instead he rolled over to Saudi Arabian pressure.  We know who Joe Biden serves and it is not the American People.



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