The Donor Class Abandons Desantis Trump Can Counter

The Republican donor class is abandoning Ron DeSantis. They now realize he cannot win. It appears their next pick is Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin. He is a popular, albeit moderate republican, whose supporters say, can bring in the women vote.

President Trump can either go to battle with him, or recruit him to join his ticket. Glenn Youngkin may make the perfect vice presidential pick for President Trump. Grant explains why.

Also, the entertainer Ne-Yo joins the side of common sense. After speaking out against the trans, gender ideology, and pushing it on children, Ne-Yo doubles down, refusing to apologize for his views. Grant explains why we need more men like him.

We are also experiencing the climate change psy-op.
The evidence now shows, that the left is using climate change to scare you into compliance. It is the same tactic they used with COVID-19.
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