The Communist Take Over of Congress – China is Here – Lawmakers Compromised

The Chinese Communist Party has control of far to many members of Congress.  Author Trevor Loudon tells us, he can prove who has been infiltrated through business deals and promises of riches.  In return these members of Congress are tasked with doing the bidding of the Chinese Government.  In this episode of Stinchfield, Loudon names names and calls out those working against American interests on behalf of the Chinese.

The threat goes far beyond just Joe Biden and the Biden Crime Family.  He may be the highest ranking pawn of the Chinese, but he isn’t alone.

The Communists are here.  They serve as Senators and Congressmen and they put China before America.  The national security threat is real.  The potential for a coming collapse of America is real.  These infiltrators must be rooted out.  Loudon has a plan.  There is a way to get these Chinese operatives to come clean.  We spell out that plan in an effort to save America.

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