The Coming Collapse of America – How the Left Plans on Destroying the Family Unit

The quest to remove men from society is well underway. The indoctrination of our children to not recognize the difference between men and women is happening by design. The goal is to androgenize America to the point of a total collapse. With out strong men, we as a nation are weak. In this episode you will learn how ancient history can predict the fall of a civilized nation.

Also, the War on Cops is ratcheting up. Record numbers of police are being shot and killed. The ambush attacks are now common place, leading to a shortage of people who want to become police officers. The recruitment crisis is at a breaking point. Cities can no longer keep the people safe. This is all part of the ultimate plan to create chaos so we beg government for help.

And Election Integrity takes center stage in front of homeless shelters. We expose the latest vote grabbing scheme to help Democrats win.

Plus, Singer Jimmy Levy joins us. He explains how he is beating the left at their own game. Informing through entertaining. Jimmy is crushing the music industry with conservative content acting as his own producer and recording company. He provides a road map for anyone to take back control of their destiny.

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