The Case of Fugees Singer Pras Michel proves the Chinese Communist Party has Infiltrated America and the Media Ignores It

A federal jury just convicted Fugees Singer and Rapper, Pras Michel.  The case is one of the most important political corruption and national security cases we have ever seen and it is being ignored by the mainstream media. On the last day of the trial, only 6 observers were in court.  Michel is guilty of accepting upwards of 100 million dollars from what amounts to the Chinese Communist Party’s money laundering sceme to funnel cash to Obama campaign coffers.  But much of that money was used to infiltrate the department of justice… the Obama white house… and even the Trump white house. One of the main goals of the illegal lobbying scheme was to force the U.S. Government to return the CCP’s most hated man and feared enemy, Miles Guo back to China.

Miles Guo is the founder of the New Federal State of China.  Nicole Tsai is our guest.

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