Stunning Admission: Jack Smith Declares His Team Tampered with the Evidence

The “classified documents” case against President Trump is falling apart. The Special Council prosecuting the case, Jack Smith, admitted in a court filing that his team altered or manipulated the documents seized by the FBI from Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home. The admission amounts to nothing short of evidence tampering by the prosecution. The judge needs to immediately dismiss this case.

This is just another example of prosecutorial misconduct by the Deep State in it’s effort to “get Trump” at all costs. Jack Smith admitted his team jumbled the chronological order of the documents in both the physical and digital form. This is a critical mistake because the Trump Team insists the documents where in chronological order as the President received them and it proves there was no attempt to go through them and destroy them, as the prosecution claims.

The stunning admission serves as more proof, either Jack Smith is incompetent or devious. Either way it is a disgrace.

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