New Yorkers who loved their sanctuary city status are now regretting it!

New York hypocrisy is being exposed to first hand. The liberals who endorse Joe Biden’s open border policies now want to close New York’s borders. They are feeling the effects of Joe Biden‘s failed immigration policy. Their city, and city services, are overrun with illegals taking advantage of American citizens, hard earned tax dollars.

What happens when you ask a liberal to house of migrant in their home? Play the podcast and find out.

Also, Texas, Attorney General, Ken Paxton reveals how the mail in ballot scheme works and why it is so effective. Through his leadership, he stopped the steel in Texas. His comments are eye-opening as to the Lankes Democrats will go to steal an election. Just days after Paxton gave this speech, the unit party in Austin led by RINO Republicans and establishment. Democrats impeached Ken Paxton.
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