New Info: NIH Leader Recruited Faith Leaders to Push Dangerous Vaccine to Followers

It is being revealed that the National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins used religion in an attempt to convince faith leaders around the country to push the COVID-19 injections? A deep dive into the organization Faiths4Vaccines – a founding member of the HHS’ vaccine-propaganda machine COVID-19 Community Corps1 – has revealed just that.

That the HHS was tapping faith leaders in the spring of 2021 to push the uptake of COVID-19 vaccines was not a surprise. We uncovered this in our previous article that we broke on the COVID-19 Community Corps at the end of 2022.2 But what did surprise us as we dug deeper for this article was the extent to which faith leaders were pursued to push the COVID-19 vaccines and the inappropriate – if not unconstitutional – manner in which government officials persuaded these faith leaders to push the shots.

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